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Fighting for the Environment

New Jersey ranks last in the nation in curbing particulate pollution – like that coming from trucks exhaust smoke – which increases the risk of heart disease, lung cancer, asthma attacks and can interfere with the growth and work of the lungs.

The Lesniak Institute is taking action to get dirty trucks off our roads.

More than one hundred years of pollution from Exxon refineries in Linden and Bayonne have destroyed wetlands and marshlands that protect neighborhoods from storm surges and are necessary for the survival of birds, fish and other species in our ecological system.

The Lesniak Institute is taking action to make Exxon restore the wetlands and marshlands.

New Jersey is at ground zero for rising tides from climate change that threaten to engulf our coastlands.

The Lesniak Institute is taking action to make New Jersey fossil fuel free by 2050 to do our part to reduce ozone emissions that cause climate change.

In 1983, New Jersey took the lead in providing safe drinking water, but under Governor Christie for the past eight years and now under President Trump, safe drinking water is not a priority..

The Lesniak Institute will take action to make safe drinking water a priority of our state and federal elected officials.

Protecting our environment for future generations and for current residents on Earth is a core mission of the Lesniak Institute, as we train young and old to be American Leaders.


Million Americans live in communities where the water systems are in violation of the law.


Counties in NJ have an F rating when it comes to ground-level ozone pollution


Premature deaths are caused by air pollution each year

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